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Ph.D. in Curriculum & Teaching
Curricular Requirements

For a PDF copy of the Ph.D. in C&T degree plan, click on the link below (to be used for advising and planning purposes):

Ph.D. in C&T Degree Plan

Baylor's Ph.D. in Curriculum & Teaching consists of the following five blocks of courses. The length of the program is 71 total hours, some of which may be satisfied with coursework completed during a Master's degree.

Block I: Foundations of Education
Total hours required:  15
  *EDC 5391    Social Foundations of Education (required--Foundational Core)
  *EDC 6330    History of American Education (required--Foundational Core)
  *EDC 6345    Christian Faith and Education (required--Foundational Core)
  *EDC 6355    Instructional Foundations or appropriate substitute
  *MGT 5X98    Foundations of Leadership Theory or appropriate substitute

Block II: Curriculum and Teaching
Total hours required:  15
Students choose 15 hours from the following:
  EDC 5321    Contemporary Curriculum
  EDC 5303    Models of Teaching
  EDC 5341    Curriculum Theory and Practice
  EDC 5350    Teaching for Understanding
  EDC 63xx    Methods of Preparing Teachers (Available Fall 2010)
  EDC 6310    Research Practicum
  EDC 63xx    Trends in Curriculum & Pedagogy (Available Fall 2010)
  or approved elective

Block III: Research and Statistics
Total hours required:  27
  *EDP 5335    Research in Education (required--Foundational Core)
  EDP 6360    Experimental Design I    (required; Statist. Methods pre-requisite)
  EDP 6335    Research Practicum        (required)
  EDP 6336    Qualitative Methods        (required)
  EDC 6V99    Dissertation Hours (minimum of 9 hours required)

In addition to the above required R&S courses, students choose 6 hrs from the following:
  EDP 6361    Experimental Design II
  EDC 6339    Ethnographic Research
  EDC 6370    Case Study Research
  EDP 6362    Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation
  EDC 6390    Research Practicum
  EDC 63xx    Historical Research in Education (Available Fall 2010)
  or approved elective

Block IV: Cognate Area Options
Total hours required:  12 minimum
Specific courses in cognate area will be selected by students and their adviser.  Courses will be taught by a variety of Baylor departments.  Examples of cognates include:

Social Studies         
Moral education           
Religion and Education
Instructional Technology
Curriculum Theory
Foundations of Education
-or other cognate approved by the Department faculty

Block V: Professional Seminar
Total hours required:  2

The purpose of the Professional Seminar (proseminar) courses is to prepare students to enter tenure-track faculty appointments with a clear understanding of what they will need to do in order to thrive in the university environment. 

Students complete 1 proseminar hour during their first semester and 1 hour later in the program.  The second 1 hour professional seminar is completed about the time that students take their preliminary examinations.

Topics addressed in the proseminar courses include:
o Choosing and participating in professional organizations
o Making professional presentations
o Writing with a variety of style manuals
o Writing for publication
o Teaching at the college level
o Technology skills for graduate coursework
o Balancing teaching with research during the tenure-track process

Total number of hours in the program:  71

*Denotes Foundational Core Courses that are required of all students:  18 hours