How to Apply

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Admission to the Ph.D. program in Curriculum & Teaching is highly-selective. Admission is based upon student vocational goals as well as a variety of background, skill sets/aptitudes, and dispositional factors that indicate potential success in the program. The expectations are expressed commitment/mission for the university-based preparation of future teachers and other educators, promising academic aptitude, successful experience teaching in an appropriate K-12 setting, dispositions relevant to being an ethically-principled teacher educator/researcher, strong interpersonal and foundational communication skills (especially writing ability), and reasonable fit with available Baylor faculty resources.

To begin the application process, apply online now.

Application Process for New Students

After the completion of the on-line application, the Department of Curriculum & Instruction contacts all Ph.D. applicants for a personal interview and to collect additional documentation that is not required in the Graduate School application process.

The Admissions Review Committee of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction reviews applications three times per year. The deadlines and related dates of potential entry into the Ph.D. in C&T program are as follows:

October 15:  Application deadline for Spring semester

March 15: Application deadline for Summer and Fall semesters

In order for applications to be reviewed on the dates above, application files must be complete by 5:00 p.m. on the appropriate date.

*Special Note: Please note that tuition scholarships/graduate assistantship stipend funding awards are separate from initial program admission decisions. Financial awards for the graduate programs in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction are competitive and are made to highly qualified applicants who have submitted their application credentials well in advance of the posted admissions review deadlines (e.g., March 1).  See the Baylor University Graduate School ( for complete information on application processes.

Applicants can expect to hear a decision within one month following the date reviews begin.

All of the following pieces of documentation are collected during the application process:

1.    Letter of application stating the applicant’s vocational interests, professional background, rationale, and goals leading to such vocational aspirations, and rationale for pursuing Ed.D. degree work at Baylor University.

2.    GRE scores, and any other considerations or other evidence that indicate academic aptitude (e.g., writing sample or published article).

3.    Transcripts showing earlier graduate works and master’s degree confirmation.

4.    Three letters of professional reference, at least one of whom has been in position to monitor the applicant’s teaching skills/performance, at least one of whom is familiar with the applicant’s vocational goals, and at least one of whom is familiar with the applicant’s academic potential (e.g., a former university professor).

5.    A structured interview with appropriate School of Education faculty.  In addition to the other factors, the purpose of the interview is to address any ambiguities in the applicant’s letter of application, statement of professional commitment, ability to communicate effectively, and the ability to match the applicant’s area of interest with faculty expertise.

6.    Applicants may be asked to complete a structured writing sample.

7.    Any other evidentiary documents that the applicant believes might support his/her application (e.g., portfolio of products to document teaching expertise, teaching evaluations form school principals or others, and sample innovations from teaching or writing experience.)

Once an applicant is admitted to the program (if not before), a faculty mentor who has relevant field expertise is assigned to each student.  Ideally, students are matched with faculty mentors during the application and interview process.