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Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology

For more information contact:

Dr. Brian C. Leutholtz, Ph.D., FACSM
Department of HHPR
Graduate Director of Exercise Physiology
One Bear Place # 97313, Waco, TX 76798-7313


The exercise physiology program at Baylor University is designed to prepare students for careers as exercise physiologists serving in fitness centers, hospital-based wellness and clinical rehabilitation centers, schools, and universities. In addition, the program prepares students for advanced study in a doctoral research program. Students have a thesis or internship option as a culminating experience and must pass a comprehensive examination at the end of their program. Students learn theoretical relationships from didactic courses and laboratory and research skills from through hands on experience gained from the Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Lab, Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab, and Exercise & Biochemical Nutrition Lab. A limited number of graduate teaching or research assistantships are available.

Exercise Physiology Program

Core Requirements (6 hours)
HP 5379 - Research Methods in HHPR
STAT 5300 - Statistical Methods

Required Emphasis Core (21 hours)
HP 5328 - Physiology of Exercise I - Neuromuscular
HP 5330 - Physiology of Exercise II - Cardiopulmonary
HP 5333 - Exercise Testing and Prescription
HP 5340 - Advanced Biochemistry in Exercise Science
HP 5352 - Advanced Principles of Exercise and Sport Nutrition
HP 5354 - Advanced Methods of Strength and Conditioning
HP 5357 - Advanced Methods of Exercise Programming for Individuals with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities

Restricted Electives with Advisory Approval (3 hours)
HP 5358 - Environmental Physiology
HP 5370 - Sport Psychology
HP 5384 - Biomechanics of Human Movement

HED 5337 - Health Concepts in Epidemiology
FCS 5351 - Nutrition and Aging

Other Requirements
HP 5V99 - Thesis (6) or
HP 5V90 - Internship (6)

Comprehensive Exam

Program Course Rotation & Planner

Exercise Physiology Course Planner

Laboratory Facilities

Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Lab (ATSM)

Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab (ESNL)

Exercise & Biochemical Nutrition Lab (EBNL)

Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab / Wellness Assessment Lab


Additional Information

For general information about admissions to the graduate program, please contact Dr. Jeff Petersen, Graduate Program Coordinator for Admissions. For general questions regarding other aspects of the graduate program, contact the Dr. Glenn Miller, Graduate Program Director.