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General Studies

Bachelor Degree in General Studies

For more information contact:

Dr. Margaret Wooddy
General Studies Program Director
Department of HHPR
One Bear Place #97313
(254) 710-4033

General Program Description

The general studies program in the Department of HHPR is designed to be a flexible degree program that can address several objectives. The thirty-six semester hours in HHPR courses, eighteen of which may be concentrated in one of the three areas, can be configured so that acceptable preparation results for some of the general career areas of health, fitness, recreation, and sports. The General Studies Curriculum is not as specific as are degree programs tailored for a particular vocational choice. However, the program offers a broad undergraduate background for students who have not made a definite career choice but who want a university degree. Another useful feature of this program is the thirty-one semester hours of general electives which may be used in at least two valid ways. First, if the student does not need a major field of concentration this area can serve to allow for the development of a series of support modules. Such structure can consist of two, three, or more mini-concentrations which support various areas of the selected career, or provide preparation in non-career areas of interest. Another popular feature of this program is that the general electives may also be used to meet entrance requirements for a professional school of the students choice. This is especially helpful in those instances where Baylor University does not have a pre-professional degree program for a specific school.

Degree Requirements

Total for degree (minimum 124 semester hours)

A. Minimum (36 hours advanced total with at least 18 hours in residence)

B. Minimum (60 hours in residence, including the last 30 hours)

C. Admission and Graduation Requirements (2.0 GPA overall and in major)

D. No course may be taken pass-fail.

Basic Studies (56-57 semester hours)

A. ENG 1302, 1304, 2301, and one course from 2304 or 2306 (12 hours)

B. History (6 hours)

C. PSY 1305 and Sociology (6 hours)

D. PSC 2302 (3 hours)

E. REL 1310 and 1350 (6 hours)

F. Mathematics (3 hours)

G. CSI 1302, 1303 or ISY 1305 (3 hours)

H. CSS 1301 or 1302 (3 hours)

I. HP 1420 and four semester hours laboratory science course (8 hours)

J. Fine Arts – art, music, or theater arts (2 hours)

K. Human Performance, including HED 1145 and HP 1134 (4 hours)

L. Chapel (2 semesters)

Major (36 semester hours)

A. HHPR (27 hours [9 hours from each of the following three groups])

1. HED (2313, 3313, 3314, 3317, 3320, 4321, 4327, 4331)

2. HP (2304 or 2409, 2306, 2420, 3346, 3368, 3381, 3382, 4363, 4368, 4369,

4372, 4393)

3. RLS (1396, 2301, 2388, 2389, 3301, 3302, 3382, 4301, 4393, 4395, 4396)

B. HHPR Electives (9 hours)

1. Selected from any professional courses within the HHPR Department.

2. HP 1202, 1233, 1236, RLS 1234, 1235 or any “3000” level sports skill series course.

3. “1000” level one-hour activity courses may not be taken to meet this requirement.

General Electives (31-32 semester hours)

To be taken from any academic unit in the University, excluding HHPR.