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Academic Program

Program Description

The Athletic Training Program (ATP) at Baylor University is designed for students interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Athletic Trainer. The ATP curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training (BSAT). The program is offered by the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. The Baylor University ATP is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Students who graduate from this program and meet all requirements may sit for the BOC Examination. Currently, the program's first time pass rate for the BOC Exam is 72.2%. Below are some documents that describe the academic, clinical education, and other aspects of Baylor's ATEP:

Objectives of the Baylor ATP

  • Use reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in athletic training courses and apply these skills for purposes of comprehension, discovery, enjoyment, debate and clear exchange of ideas and information.
  • Demonstrate the confidence and the degree of knowledge, skills, and abilities for an entry-level athletic trainer.
  • Use computers and other technology to enhance communication, inquiry, problem-solving, and decision-making within athletic training.
  • Use critical thinking to solve problems, make decisions, and gain new insights into both personal and professional domains.