Excellent Research Facilities and Opportunities
Mars McLean Gym (small)HHPR Laboratory Facilities -- BLEST, EBNL, ATHA-- are among the best in the nation having the capability to conduct blood assessment, body composition assessment, bone density assessment, cardiopulmonary/ECG exercise testing, muscle biopsies, nutrition analysis, and much more. Students have the opportunity to work with the latest exercise-related tests and equipment on a diverse array of research projects.
Unique Living and Learning Environments
The Outdoor Adventure Living and Learning Center is one of the unique opportunities at Baylor designed to put students with common interests together in living and learning environments that serve to enhance all areas of their development as college students.
Vibrant Active Campus Life
Baylor University is a vibrant campus with Big 12 athletic events, and numerous campus-wide activities and presentations. The McLane Student Life Center has an indoor pool, basketball courts, rock-climbing wall and much more.
Paul Gordon listed in: Expertscape, a website that helps you find a person or institution having expertise in a specific biomedical subject.

Expertscape: Leaders in Resistance Training

HP 1000-1199 Activity Labs serving the general requirement are now listed as LF 1000-1199.

Lifetime Fitness

Volunteers Needed! Earn up to $100 participating in exercise, nutrition and health research.

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