Graduate Association of School Psychology (GASP)

What is GASP?

A professional organization open to all graduate students currently enrolled in the School Psychology program at Baylor University.


To strengthen the future of School Psychology as a profession by supporting graduate students' awareness of issues pertaining to School Psychology, sharing research and information to further develop skills and knowledge and promoting activities that lead to involvement and interaction with the Waco community.


  1. To enhance graduate students' experience at Baylor University by incorporating theory, practice, current events and awareness of the potential future of school psychology through:
    • Guest lectures
    • Conference attendance and research project presentations
    • Information on available employment and internships in school psychology
  2. To encourage undergraduate students to enter the discipline of School Psychology through:
    • Providing guest speaker presentations open to all students
    • Speaking about School Psychology in undergraduate classes
    • Promoting GASP on campus by participating in BUGS and other university sponsored events