School Psychology Faculty

The key faculty members associated with the program are Professors Robinson, Ivey, and Hodges from School Psychology and Professor Beaujean from Educational Psychology. The following is a brief overview of the background and research interests of these faculty members.

Eric L. Robinson, Ph.D. (University of Kansas) is Director of the School Psychology Program and has research interests in classroom management, at-risk youth and subsequent college attendance, prevention and intervention of aggressive behaviors, gifted education, and policy efforts in school psychology.

Julie Ivey, Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University) research interests in Autism Spectrum Disorders, suicide prevention, family systems, and developmental disabilities.

Tamara Hodges, Ed. D. (Baylor University) has interests in curricular issues for special needs students, therapeutic approaches for individuals with eating disorders, and depression in adolescents and young adults.

Alexander Beaujean, Ph.D. (University of Missouri-Columbia) research interests in 2 areas: The first area centers around the structure and measurement of human cognitive abilities, especially looking at the efficacy of mental chronometric measures as measuring instruments. The second area focuses on the influence of individual differences on educational outcomes.

Marley Watkins, Ph.D., ABPP (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) has research interests in professional issues, the psychometrics of assessment and diagnosis, individual differences, and computer applications.