Co-curricular Activities


Co-curricular requirements are designed to supplement students' formal coursework, promoting the consolidation and application of knowledge and skills addressed in program curricula and readings through specified activities in vocation-oriented settings. First of all, as a co-curricular requirement, most graduate students are involved in the teaching of undergraduate courses in the School of Education. This requirement is designed to achieve two main goals. First, it provides graduate students with valuable experience working with undergraduates, preparing Ph.D. students for later work as higher education teaching faculty. Second, this program exposes Baylor undergraduates to strong education professionals who are seeking advanced graduate study and who bring strong practical experiences and perspectives on curriculum and teaching to the undergraduate classroom.

As a co-curricular requirement, program students also commonly work with faculty and other Ph.D. students to study the effectiveness of our Professional Development Schools as well as other elements of educator preparation. Before graduation, all C&T Ph.D. students are expected to complete at least two of the following tasks successfully: 1) write and submit a proposal to present a paper at a national conference (and if accepted present the paper), 2) attend a national conference in the students' area of specialization and make a presentation on sessions attended to other Ph.D. students, 3) write and submit an article in an appropriate professional journal recognized by the Department, and 4) work with a faculty member to write an extramural grant proposal.

Through these co-curricular activities, Ph.D. students are provided multiple opportunities to study high-quality teacher education curricula, produce high-quality research, work in practical teacher preparation settings, engage in the various activities expected of university-based teacher educators, network with other professionals in the larger national environment, and gain practical experiences performing tasks necessary to succeed as higher education faculty. All of these requirements, moreover, will help Ph.D. students to build their job portfolios.