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Oustanding Graduate Instructor for Spring 2014
Congratulations to Brandon Martinez! He has been selected as a recipient of an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for Spring 2014.

This award is given to Baylor graduate students who serve as Teachers of Record and who are recognized for their outstanding teaching by students and faculty. He was selected by a committee of graduate faculty and graduate students as one of Baylor's outstanding teachers based on recommendations from his supervising faculty, evaluations and recommendations from his students, his teaching philosophy, and his participation in professional teaching development.

Brandon has taught the Sociology 1305 Introduction to Sociology course for several semesters.

Brandon's research interests are in race and ethnicity, the sociology of religion, discrimination, inequality, and political sociology.

His dissertation examines how the intersection of race and religion influence the social world. He has published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion and Review of Religious Research.

His current research includes symbolic white dominance in Latino congregations, political divides within white American evangelicalism, and operationalizing the concept of evil in research on religion.