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Jeffrey Tamburello
Jeffrey Tamburello
E-mail: Jeffrey Tamburello

Graduate Assistant
Applied Sociology
Ph.D. student
M.A., Sociology, 2013
B.A., Sociology, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, 2009

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Sociology
P.O. Box 97326
Waco, TX 76798
(254) 710-3815

Jeff is an experienced applied sociologist, having worked on research projects for churches, universities, non-profits, and other organizations. Currently, his primary research interests include qualitative methodology, demography, collective action, and social trends. His work has recently intersected into criminology, religion, and family as well.

Jeff has presented at conference on the 'Inter-Generational Differences in Motivations for Drug Usage' and is currently preparing research on the effect of economic well-being and equality on government legitimacy, shifting levels of religious commitment among societal subpopulations, and along with faculty in the department, 'The Effect of Victimization on Fear and Trust by Religiosity'.


Jeff Tamburello, Kyle Irwin and Martha Gault Sherman. 2014.  Religious Coping: The Role of Religion in Attenuating the Effects of Sex Victimization on Trust. Review of Religious Research. 56 (4): 581-595

 Kyle Irwin, Kimberly Edwards and Jeff Tamburello. 2015. Gender, Trust and Cooperation in Environmental Social Dilemmas. Social Science Research. 50: 328-342.