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How To Apply
How to apply:

Graduate Programs
Ph.D. in Sociology:
Applied Sociology
Sociology of Religion

Deadline - February 1st

To apply to the Ph.D. program, visit the Graduate School website. You'll need to fill out the online application, submit your your quantitative and verbal GRE scores (no subject score is required), three letters of recommendation (from professors from whom you've taken courses) and official transcripts from all of the academic institutions you have attended.

Recruitment Days

Every year the Department of Sociology invites prospective graduate students to recruitment days. All meals and lodging are provided by the department.

During the recruitment days students will attend luncheons and dinners, meet current graduate students, and interact with faculty to learn about their interests. Furthermore, our guests will tour facilities available to graduate students, the Baylor campus and the surrounding Waco area.

To attend future recruitment days applicants should submit all necessary materials to the graduate school by February 1st. Recruitment weekend is typically held during the week in February or first week of March.