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Gerontology Minor

How to Declare a Minor
To declare a minor, contact your advisor.
Social work majors and non-social work majors may choose this minor.

There is an eighteen hour minimum required. Twelve hours must be taken in residence and nine of those hours must be advanced work. No more than three hours from the student’s major may be applied to the minor. There is a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (“C”) on all courses in the minor taken at Baylor.

Eighteen semester hours including the following:

  • GRT 3305, 4393, 4395, and PSY 3341 or SWO 3351
  • Six semester hours from
ECO 4350;
FSC 2351;
PSC 3310;
REL 4394 or 4395;
SOC 4310;
HED 4327,
PSY 4355 or SOC 4V70;
SWO 4V70