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Flor Avellaneda

Flor Avellaneda

Phone: 254-710-4434

"The social work profession captures my heart and my passion for helping enhance the well-being of individuals, groups and communities. I believe that the beauty of social work lies in the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people in a vast number of settings. As social change agents, social workers make a difference by influencing actions that promote strengthening the lives of others. I find joy in my role as a professional that helps bring healing to those hurting in our communities. It is a privilege for me to walk alongside hurting individuals in their journey through their healing process."


MSW, Baylor University
BSW, Baylor University

Research Interests

  • Community Organizing and Development
  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Poverty
  • Social Work with Immigrant Communities
  • Human Rights
  • Domestic Violence
  • Adolescent and Youth Development


Flor Avellaneda joined the Baylor School of Social Work as a Lecturer in 2012. Prior to coming to Baylor, Flor was Executive Director of Avance, a nationally recognized organization considered to be a pioneer in the field of parent education, early childhood development, brain development, literacy and school readiness.