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Baccalaureate Social Work Curriculum

Throughout the curriculum, the Baccalaureate Social Work program infuses content on: (1) social work values and ethics; (2) diversity as it relates to the differences and similarities in the experiences, needs, and beliefs of people; (3) the dynamics and consequences of social and economic injustice and the various forms of human oppression and discrimination; (4) populations who experience the impact of discrimination, economic deprivation, and oppression; (5) faith and social work practice; (6) religious organizations and communities; and (7) aging and gerontological social work practice. Coursework provides students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to carry out assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, follow-up, and termination with individual clients, groups of clients, families, organizations and communities. Coursework includes service learning opportunities to prepare for field internship and professional practice.

The curriculum is structured sequentially so that knowledge builds throughout the program and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) concludes with two semesters of 240 clock-hour internships and a senior capstone seminar in the final semester. Orientation to field internship is required prior to application to field. The internships are an integral part of the curriculum and engage the student in progressionally-supervised direct service delivery activities that provide practical experience in the application of theory and skills acquired in previous courses. An integrative seminar accompanies each semester of the internship and provides students with opportunities to compare their practice experiences with knowledge from their liberal arts and social work courses, expanding on knowledge beyond the classroom.

The program provides ample opportunities for hands-on experiences through community service work, classroom simulations, and videotaping. The senior capstone seminar is designed to allow the student to present, in portfolio format and in interview, readiness for professional employment or for graduate study for advanced professional practice.