BSW Admission

Apply to the Baylor School of Social Work Baccalaureate Program

Admission to the School of Social Work Baccalaureate Program


As a professional social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the Baylor University School of Social Work is charged by the profession with the responsibility of promoting professionalism in social work and quality services to future clients. The faculty serves as gatekeepers, assuring that graduates of the program achieve the professional and academic standards necessary to function as professional social workers. To complement the gate-keeping role, the faculty is also committed to providing students with educational resources that promote academic and professional achievement. The evaluative processes of the program are designed to support students in meeting the standards of the School, the University, and the profession. 

Course Credit is not Given for Life or Work Experience


The Baylor University School of Social Work does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience in either the baccalaureate or graduate programs.

Admission Policies and Procedures


The Baylor University social work major is a professional program that potentially leads to licensure/certification as a social worker in the locality of practice. The principal educational mission of the program is to prepare students for generalist social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Professional social work practice requires a commitment to social work purposes, values, and ethics, as well as a high degree of personal energy and integrity, emotional stability, awareness of self, critical thinking and intellectual competence. The goal of the admissions policy is to assure that students admitted to the program understand the requirements of professional social work and have the potential for fulfilling these requirements.

Application for Admission


Students wishing to pursue the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree must apply for admission to the major. This application process is normally initiated in the Introduction to Social Work (SWO 2321) course. Students who transfer to Baylor University having already completed the Introduction to Social Work course should discuss application for admission to the program with the Program Manager for Baccalaureate Studies.  Admission is competitive and achievement of minimum standards does not guarantee acceptance to the major.

Admission to the major requires, at minimum:

1.   An overall GPA of 2.7 on a four-point scale and a grade of “C” or better in all social work courses.  Preference for admission will be given to students who have achieved a cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA.  Admission is competitive and a high grade point average does not guarantee admission.

2.   Completion of SWO 2321 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ in the course.  It is recommended that SWO 2321 be taken in the Sophomore year.

3.   A written application demonstrating a commitment to social work values and the profession.  The application is provided in SWO 2321.  Applications are due in the Spring semester of the Sophomore year; a due date for the application will be provided during the course.  

4.   An essay comparing personal and professional values.  This essay is written as part of SWO 2321. The content and evaluation of this essay must reflect professional values and be evaluated as “proficient,” based on a rubric that includes criteria such as: self-awareness, professional development, ethical decision-making, religious and spiritual reflection.

5.   Ability to qualify for state licensure in the State of Texas upon completion of the academic program under the Texas Professional Social Worker Act (administered by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners).

6.   Signed Student Code of Conduct, including affirmation of Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (provided in SWO 2321).

7.   Approval of the School of Social Work Admissions Committee, which meets each Spring Semester.


The Dean of the School of Social Work appoints an admissions committee that will review applications in the Spring Semester of each year. This committee, based on the material supplied them, their professional judgment, and the number of positions available for entering students shall determine the suitability of the Baccalaureate Social Work Program for the applicant and notify him/her of one of the outcomes stated below.

1.   Admission.

2.   Not Admitted.

The decision of the committee will be made on the basis of a simple majority after a review of items 1-7 mentioned above.  Meeting the minimum standards of the major does not guarantee admission.

The written decision of the Admissions Committee will be communicated to the applicant within fifteen days of the decision date. Students are  “Admitted” when they  sign a statement of acceptance which outlines the standards and conditions for maintaining his/her standing in the program. Students must be admitted to the program prior to enrolling in Practice I (SWO 3371).

Students must maintain a GPA of 2.7 or higher and not have a grade below “C” in social work courses to continue in the major.  To be eligible for field internship, students must have a minimum grade of “B” in Practice I (SWO 3371) and Practice II (SWO 4372).