Johnny M Jones

PhD, Florida State University
MSW, The Carver School of Church Social Work, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
AB, Georgia State University
Selected Publications
  • Jones, J. M. (2006). Understanding environmental influence on human service organizations: A study of the influence of managed care on child caring institutions. Administration in Social Work, 30(4), 63-90.
  • Jones, J. M. & Crook, W. P. (2001). Briar Patch Revisited: one homeless family's experience with the social policy system. Journal of Family Social Work, 6(3), pp. 35-51.
  • Jones, J. M., Crook, W. P., & Webb, J. R. (2007) Collaboration for the provision of services: A review of the literature. Journal of Community Practice, 15(4), pp. 41-71.
  • McNutt, J. G. & Jones, J. M. (2004). Faith based organizations and social policy: Internet research resources for scholars and practitioners. Social Policy Journal, 3(3), 89-92.
  • Raymond, F. B. & Jones, J. M. (2006). Administration in Probation and Parole. In, A. R. Roberts & D. W. Springer (Eds.), Social Work in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Settings. pp. 300-316. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher.
  • Sherr, M. E., & Jones, J. M. (2007). Considering Family and Significant Others in the Faculty Recruitment Process: A Study of Social Work Recruiting Practices. Advances in Social Work, 8(2), pp. 38-50.
Research Interests
  • Public Child Welfare
  • Child Welfare in the Context of Church and Church Agencies
  • Organization and Administration of Human Services
  • Program Evaluation
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Role of Relationship in Research
Dr. Jones joined the Baylor School of Social Work in August, 2010. Before coming to Baylor, he was on the faculty of the College of Social Work at the University of South Carolina and Director of The Center for Child & Family Studies, a research and training center within the College. Prior to completing his doctoral studies, Dr. Jones was South Area Director of Ministries for Georgia Baptist Children's Home. Dr. Jones is married to Stacy Black Jones who is a social worker, native of Waco, and Baylor alumna.