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Student Research

MSW Concentration Year

Graduate students in their concentration year (usually the second year of the program) are required to contribute to the research and literature in their area of concentration. The School offers three concentrations: Family and Children; Physical and Mental Health; and Community Development.

Graduate students present their practice or research projects each Spring at the annual Colloquium, an all-day event of up to 60 presentations available to the professional social work community for CE credit.

Research topics/reports

Our students prepare presentations on a range of topics relevant to the social work profession. Here are a few examples:

Karolina Stelzer, MSW 2010
What Strategies do Helping Professionals Use to Help Caregivers Cope with Grief and Loss?"
Field Internship at Johns Hopkins

April Pearce, MSW 2010
"Understanding and Helping Service Members who Struggle with Combat-Related PTSD and their Families"
(1) April Pearce

From a media release

Violence, depression, attachment disorders, memory loss, divorce, suicide - even a partial list of the struggles returning soldiers diagnosed with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are more likely to encounter is staggering. Making the situation worse is the ripple effect on the soldier's family, the members of which also suffer.

The impact of PTSD on soldiers and their families is the subject of the research project April Pearce, master of social work student at Baylor School of Social Work, presented at the School's MSW Practice Colloquium May 4. (read full story).