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Standard MSW Eligibility Requirements

Requirements and Considerations

1. The graduate program requires that all applicants have either a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the United States or proof of equivalent education at an international institution of higher learning.

2. The applicant will be expected to complete all undergraduate prerequisites prior to starting classes. (Note: The MSW admissions committee will only review an application that is missing no more than one prerequisite.)

3. Applicants are expected to have a record of undergraduate study and experience that is predictive of success in graduate study. A minimum admissible grade point average is not specified.

4. A satisfactory grade point average in and of itself does not guarantee admission to a graduate program. Approval for admission is provided after consideration of the assessments and review processes conducted by the graduate admissions committee.

5. Baccalaureate coursework that demonstrates a strong liberal arts background including:

• Biology (3 hrs. or satisfactory CLEP score)

• Communication or Language Skills: foreign languages, speech, grammar, linguistics, written communication, media (minimum 6 semester credits)

• Social and Behavioral Science: sociology, social work, anthropology, psychology, social psychology, diversity (minimum 6 semester credits)

• Humanities and/or History: philosophy, religion, arts, government, political science, economics, history, literature (minimum 9 semester credits)

• Statistics (minimum 3 semester credits)

6. Skills in using computers for word processing, research, and communication tasks.

7. Acceptable performance on a writing assessment, demonstrating ability to think critically and communicate effectively and clearly in writing.

8. Statement of professional interest in MSW graduate study at Baylor University and support of the stated mission of Baylor’s MSW program.

9. Self-statement that there is no pre-existing criminal record and that there is no physical or mental impairment which would preclude licensure as a professional social worker.

10. Profile of all the above criteria which demonstrates commitment to social work values and potential for growth toward skilled, competent, advanced level social work practice.

11. Willingness to participate in an admission interview.

12. Financial Aid application submitted online.

13. If evidence of qualifications is inconclusive, a student may be admitted on probation for a minimum of 4 semester hours of graduate coursework, contingent upon the recommendation of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

14. No member of the Baylor University faculty above the rank of Lecturer may be admitted to candidacy for a graduate degree at the University.

15. A student desiring admission to the graduate program must complete the application process, even if another graduate degree has been earned at Baylor University.

16. A student who has been admitted to a graduate program at another university, and who desires admission to School of Social Work’s graduate program, must complete the application process.

17. Students who are enrolled in the graduate program in another university, and who wish to take coursework for transfer credit, are classified as “transfer of credit” students. A letter of good standing from the original university’s Registrar will suffice as proof of eligibility to enroll. The request for the letter is made by the student in writing. The application, along with a nonrefundable processing fee of $45, a letter of good standing from your institution, and a Baylor Health Form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Admission Office before you register for class.

18. Credit for Courses Transferred from Accredited Social Work Programs:

• Associate Dean (based upon review of syllabi) may approve up to 12 hours of course work for inclusion into the MSW standard degree requirements. In this case, the student does not have to substitute elective hours for each hour of credit approved.

• Associate Dean may approve up to 12 additional transfer credit hours-these credits will require that elective hours be substituted for each hour of transfer credit offered over the 12 hour benchmark.

No credit will be given toward required MSW courses unless the following conditions apply:

• The courses were taken in a graduate program accredited by the Council on Social work Education.

• A course description and syllabus is available and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies judges the courses to be an appropriate substitution for a specific course in the graduate program.

Once the Associate Dean has advised the student concerning which courses are approved for transfer credit, the student prepares a letter of petition specifying how the courses will be appliedto the degree plan.

A petition for transfer credit must fulfill the conditions listed below:

A. The work must have been done while the student was enrolled in good standing as a graduate student.

B. The work must have been done within five years prior to the award of the master’s degree from Baylor.

C. The school from which the credits are transferred must be accredited by a regional accreditation agency.

D. No earned grade for transfer is less than a “B.”

E. None of the transfer coursework consists of extension or workshop courses.

F. Petition for transfer of credit occurs after enrollment in the School of Social Work graduate program.

The Associate Dean for Graduate Studies will make decisions about acceptance of transfer of credit.

19. Credit for elective courses transferred from other Graduate Programs. A maximum of six (6) semester hours for the Standard MSW program and a maximum of three (3) semester hours for the Advanced Standing MSW program taken for graduate credit in other approved graduate programs may be considered for elective credit. A petition for transfer credit must fulfill the conditions listed below:.

A. The work must have been performed while the student was enrolled in good standing as a graduate student.

B. The school from which they are transferred must be accredited by a regional accreditation agency.

C. No earned grade for transfer is less than a “B-”.

D. Petition for transfer of credit occurs after enrollment in the graduate program