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Geriatric Enrichment

One of the most exciting developments in the School of Social Work is the Geriatric Enrichment in Social Work Education project: "Educational Transformation of Social Workers to Enrich the Health and Well-being of Older Persons". Led by Dennis Myers, Project Director and Helen Harris, Curriculum Transformation Director, the faculty is engaged in transforming the entire curriculum to provide an intergenerational approach to social work education and practice. All students in the school will learn about human development across the life course and will have opportunity to work with persons of all ages. As our society ages and the need for social workers prepared to work with older adults increases, the focus of this grant funded project is to prepare social workers who are equipped to embrace the work. Wellness, healthy aging, valuing persons across the lifespan, and the strengths perspective are all important concepts in the Gerorich process. The project is sponsored by the Council on Social Work Education and is funded by the Hartford Foundation. The School was awarded $30,000 for the first year of the grant and expects to be awarded an additional $30,000 for a second year of implementation.