GML Student Profiles

God called. Mission driven.

As five recent graduates return to their home countries of Cambodia, Malaysia, and Myanmar, the Baylor School of Social Work welcomes four GML students from Africa and Asia Pacific. After completing the MSW program, they will return to their home countries to transform their small part of the world with Christ's love and care.

Julian Alum, Uganda

As a child, Julian experienced social injustice firsthand in her native Uganda. She looks back on the challenges she faced in her youth and sees hope and transformation; where some might see pain, Julian sees the way God began to reveal His plan for her life. Since that time, Julian has become a leader in her community through her work at Compassion International- empowering people living with HIV/AIDS to use their talents and resources to work toward self-sustainment.

With a Master's in Social Work, Julian hopes to advocate for "the children and women whose potential, talent and skills are still bound by the chains of poverty and whose abuses have long been dismissed as private, family, cultural or religious matters." When Julian returns to Uganda, she desires to influence and create policies that will support people living with HIV/AIDS."

Brooke Abuya, Kenya

Having been orphaned at a young age, Brooke recognizes the great need for his nation of Kenya to implement programs to support and empower disadvantaged youth. The effects of poverty leave countless Kenyan children without parents and, consequently, without homes.

Brooke considers himself blessed by his involvement with Compassion International, but he is challenged by the thought of the children who have no one to speak on their behalf. "What of the hundreds of thousands of children who barely see this light at the end of the tunnel? What of the many children who, by circumstance, have made dumpsters their homes; and those who suffer neglect by their own parents and a docile government, and those, too, who suffer various injustices? Who will stand up for them? It is to this very call that I answer -to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and for the rights of all who are destitute." Brooke hopes that by investing in the welfare of the children of Kenya he can provide hope not only for them, but also for his nation.

Mary Rose Oximas, Philippines

Mary Rose has a passion for working with the impoverished youth of her home country of the Philippines. She reports a growing percentage of the country's children are currently living on the streets, which increases their vulnerability not only to illness and disease but to other forms of exploitation as well, such as prostitution, armed conflict with police officers, and child labor.

Mary Rose has a heart for reaching these children, and she hopes to use her education to create better opportunities for them. She wants to examine what factors increase their risk of living on the street and which systems can most effectively meet their needs. She writes, "I am hopeful that my post graduate studies will help me improve my analysis and critical understanding of social problems around the world as I apply solutions to remedy them." Mary Rose has extensive and wide-ranging social work experience; from disaster relief to anti-trafficking work, she has worked with many outstanding organizations over the years- including the International Justice Mission

Shwaye Eibensteiner, Ethiopia

After spending the early years of her life in her native Ethiopia, Shwaye moved to the United States, where her parents taught her to "to reach out to others, regardless of race, religion, disability, or socio/economic level." These values are the foundation of her passion for social work. Years later, when Shwaye had the opportunity to travel back to Ethiopia, she witnessed one of her country's great needs - and discovered her great passion.

Shwaye realized that this nation with over four million orphaned children had very few systems and resources available to support them. Fortunately, she also realized she could do something to change that. Motivated by the desire to seek change on behalf of her nation of origin, she applied to the Baylor School of Social Work and became a Global Mission Leadership student. She plans to return to Ethiopia for field work in the program and after she finishes her MSW.