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Do you meet the eligibility requirements? If so, CLICK HERE to apply to Global Mission Leadership.

Are you someone who:

  • Desires to be an authentic community leader who will advocate for justice for the oppressed?

  • Works to see systemic problems solved through advocating for local and national policy change?

  • Wants to create opportunities for others but does not know the avenue of how to do so?

  • Seeks to incorporate the Christian faith in serving others in local communities?

  • If this is your passion and commitment, please read more about applying for the Global Mission Leadership Initiative.

    Eligibility Requirements:

      • Graduation from an accredited college/university

      • Language proficiency in the following ways:

        • If from a non-English speaking country, written and oral proficiency in the English language (demonstrated by a passing score on the TOEFL or IELTS test taken within the last two years). TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) requirement- A minimum of 550 on the paper-based, 213 on the computer-based, or 80 on the internet-based test. We also accept the IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.

        • If from an English speaking country, written and oral proficiency in the language spoken in the country to which  he/she plans to relocate or return. Each GML student will complete his/her concentration studies in an international field placement within the identified country of concern to which he/she will relocate or return after graduation.

      • Completion of at least two years of dedicated full-time leadership service in a church congregation or organization

      • Affiliation with a church congregation and/or organization that will endorse his or her study plan and support his or her relocation or return to ministry upon completion of graduate education

      • A commitment to implement knowledge and advocate for change in a specific area of social injustice in the nation where they intend to serve. Through the  Global Mission Leadership specialization, students will be responsible for a research project related to a social injustice in the nation where they intend to serve. The student will have the opportunity to research systemic issues regarding a social injustice occurring in the nation to which he/she plans to return, research global best practices regarding community change, and create an evidence-informed  plan of intervention.

    GML rice fields

    GML Application:

    For GML applicants, the deadline for the MSW and the GML applications is November 15.  The GML scholarship award varies each year due to available funding and is based on merit and financial need. GML applicants should also consider options for funding the educational and living expenditures related to their MSW education through sponsorship, outside scholarship, or personal resources.

    Please note that applicants may begin application to the MSW program in the School of Social Work at any time.

    With additional questions  regarding GML application, please contact Jennifer Smyer Dickey,