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Field Application Process

AS 09 - 3 In order to apply for Field, a student must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Complete or be enrolled in the Social Work core courses: SWO 2321, 3351, 3352, 3354, 3371, and 4372
  • Have a current overall and Social Work GPA of at least 2.7
  • Attend Field orientation the semester before entering Field (2 sessions offered in the spring semester)
  • Minimum of "B" in Practice I and II

Once the student has attended Field orientation, he or she will gain access to the Field Education Blackboard where he or she can download the Field application materials listed below:

  • Field Registration/Application (turn in 2 copies)
  • Disclosure Policy and Information Sharing Form (turn in 2 copies)
  • Transcript Permission Form (turn in 1 copy)
  • Student Code of Conduct (turn in 1 copy)
  • Internship Readiness Form (turn in 1 copy)
  • Reference Form from 4 references: Practice I instructor,  Practice II instructor,  Social Work faculty member and Volunteer/Employment Supervisor 
  • Students also turn in 2 copies of current resume and a copy of current degree audit (available on BearWeb)

These completed materials are submitted to Krista Barrett, Program Manager, Field Education. Once submitted, Melody Y. Zuniga, Director of Field Education-Generalist Practice, and Jon Singletary, Associate Dean of Baccalaureate Studies, will review and recommend that the student is admitted to Field. The student interviews with Melody Zuniga, who will work with the student on placement decisions.