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Ministry Leaflets

Waco Resource Manual
The Waco Resource Manual is a comprehensive listing of faith-based and other services for people in need in Waco. For more information or to order, click here

Before you begin your journey, you'll need to fill your backpack. The right resources make all the difference!

Stepping Stones
In these resources, you'll find brief descriptions of how to implement specific ministries.

In each backpack, you'll find recommended books, articles and web sites, as well as items we have prepared for your journey into these areas of ministry.

These resources profile the community ministries of specific congregations, including their challenges and victories, how they got where they are today, and how this ministry exemplifies the gospel message.

Food for the Journey
These are short devotional based on scripture on selected community ministry areas to use that can be used in church bulletins, as a Moment for Mission during worship or as an introduction to a Bible study.

These resources are currently available for the following topics:
  • Advocacy Ministry
  • At-Risk Youth
  • Community Gardening
  • Employment Ministry
  • Family Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Older Adult Ministry