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Urban Ministries Class

"I took the class because I was interested in what urban issues had to do with ministry and their place in ministry. I am coming away from the class with a knowledge of these two things and a burden for the poor and powerless in our communities. I’m positive this will play a role in determining just exactly what the Lord desires of me in my future ministry endeavors."
– Micah Stewart, Truett Seminary student

As part of the Strengthening Congregational Community Ministries grant, Dr. Gaynor Yancey, Professor of Church and Community with the School of Social Work, teaches the Urban Ministries Class as an elective in the fall semester at George W. Truett Theological Seminary.

Course description

This course is designed to engage seminary students in a broad exposure to urban mission issues. The content of this course directly relates to understanding not only the history of the church in alleviating human need but also in understanding how that history encompasses social welfare and economic justice.

Congregations are uniquely positioned to provide leadership in the community (church and community ministry) in the roles of:

  • consultants
  • advocates for congregational involvement in community ministry
  • collaborators with other congregations, organizations, and agencies as they address human need in their own neighborhoods, communities and beyond

This course will explore the unique context of the congregation in church and community ministry, with particular emphasis on understanding a congregation as a cultural community, assessing the resources and needs of a congregation and its community, and engaging a congregation in community service. Students will be exposed to various urban challenges such as hunger, homelessness, unemployment, addiction, housing, racism, and others throughout this course, examined through the lens of possibility that exists for congregational ministry.


The class is available as an elective to students in the MDiv program or in the MSW/MDiv dual-degree program of the School of Social Work and Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary. MSW students must petition to take the class.

Contact Dr. Gaynor Yancey for more information.