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School of Social Work undergraduate and graduate students who have identified working with congregations as their specific calling can be involved in research, resource development, and serving in congregations. Students play a primary role in writing curriculum and presenting at churches and professional conferences. Through field education, students also have the opportunity to serve in congregations and provide leadership to churches interested in beginning new community ministry projects or receiving help with existing ministries.

Louis Gomez Reflects on His Time as an M.Div and MSW Student

When Louis Gomez came to George W. Truett Theological Seminary, he experienced something that only a handful of Truett students have experienced. Remembering back on his first year in seminary, Louis says, "When I go into the chapel, I think, 'my signature is under here.'"more...

Social Work, faith meet a Typical Busy Day

Two graduate student interns help Micah Ecumenical Ministries, Fredericksburg Baptist Church.