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About CFCM

"The transformational potential of such ministries is one of the most promising -- and doable -- visions on the church's horizon today."
--Jon Singletary
Former Director, Center for Family and Community Ministries

The mission of the Center for Family and Community Ministries (CFCM) is to strengthen ministries designed to serve families and communities. CFCM seeks to provide research, continuing education, and resource development to support and enhance the work of congregations and denominational agencies with families and communities. Since its founding in 1997, the CFCM has been blessed with an exceptional staff. Diana Garland, founding director, led the Center until 2005 when she appointed Dr. Jon Singletary to be director. With varied backgrounds and gifts, the diversity, energy and passion that each person brings to the Center is commonly focused on creating strong families, communities and congregations.

What is Family Ministry?

The CFCM engages in a variety of projects designed to help us learn more about families and to help servant leaders better care for families. The CFCM provides:
  • The Church Census, a census of families in your church and consultation designed to strengthen your family ministry
  • Marriage Ministries include a variety of online resources created by friends of the CFCM and developed through our research and programs, including the recent "Twogether in Texas" marriage education program.

What is Community Ministry?

Similarly, the CFCM engages in a variety of projects designed to help us understand diverse communities and to prepare leaders for service in their communities. We offer Walking Alongside, a project designed to help churches strengthen ministries to their communities through social work leadership, including student internships.