Earle Hall Crest
Earle Hall Crest

Crest Symbolism

DNA Strands: These two strands represent the close relationship between science and medicine. One cannot flourish without the other. There are 15 bonds holding the DNA strands together and there are 15 columns in the Baylor Science Building. These two complimentary DNA strands symbolize the deep connection between our two buildings and among the students that fill our classrooms. The bonds of friendship and camaraderie that our students will develop are critical for the integrity of our community, much like the bonds between the strands of DNA are critical for the integrity of the molecule. The DNA strands are rising from the water, which is another important symbol in our crest.

Water: As Jesus washed the disciple's feet taking the role of a servant, the water symbolizes the servant leadership of our students. They will serve the community and each other with justice, compassion, and honesty. Water also represents cleansing, a new beginning. It is important to notice that it also alludes to the lazy river in front of the Science Building, highlighting again the close relationship between our two buildings.

Dayspring: "Through the tender mercy of our God, whereby the dayspring from on high has visited us" (Luke 12:78). As the day breaks, the darkness is cast aside to show the promise of a new day. The four rays of sunlight are reminiscent of the four Baylor columns still standing proud in Independence, Texas where our University had its humble beginnings. The dayspring (sunrise) is the foundation of East Village and it marks a new beginning for our students as they embark in their studies.

Book: There are many possible meaning for a book. Books represent knowledge, leadership, guidance, and education; if the book is the Holy Bible then it also represents our faith and trust in God. We want to develop in our students a strong desire to learn, to be scholars and we want them to do it in a manner pleasing to God. We want them to proudly share their knowledge on both science and faith with others.

Stars: Two four-pointed stars are part of the Earle Hall crest, one point for each of the eight departments that will come together under our roof: biology, chemistry and biochemistry, psychology and neuroscience, medical humanities, nursing, communication disorders, nutrition, and health, human performance and recreation (HHPR). Together we will form a community that values each other and we will help each other achieve their full potential without envy or resentment.

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