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Do the rising costs of higher education have you concerned?

With Private College 529 PlanSM, your student's dreams of attending
Baylor University may be closer than you think.
Why Private College 529 PlanSM?
• Higher education is a worthy investment.
• It's also a safe investment, not subject to the swings of financial markets.
• Tuition certificates are redeemable at a large and growing network of private colleges
   and universities, up to 30 years after they are purchased.

How It Works -
Private College 529 PlanSM is a Prepaid Tuition Plan. You have the opportunity to purchase "tuition certificates" at today's rates, instead of waiting until your student is of college-age. These tuition certificates may be redeemed at Baylor University or at more than 270 other private colleges and universities across the nation. An account opened even as late as your student's freshman year of college can result in real savings, and tuition certificates may be used for up to 30 years.

Actual Savings -
With the cost of higher education increasing at 5% a year (20-year national average), one credit hour purchased in five years could cost 34% more than the same credit hour costs today. What if you could save that 34% and use it to pay for room, board, and books instead? In twelve years, one credit hour could possibly cost DOUBLE what it does today.

See how the savings on the cost of a credit hour adds up...

529 Plan Chart - updated July 2013
*Tuition certificates must be held for at least 36 months before redemption.
**Based on 6% annual increases (20-year national average).

What if my student decides not to attend Baylor?
Private College 529 PlanSM tuition certificates are redeemable at more than 270 private colleges and universities (for a complete list, click here).

You may also -

• Change the beneficiary
• Roll the account into another 529 Plan, or
• Request a refund***

Of course, participation in Private College 529 PlanSM does not guarantee or influence a student's admission to any college or university.

How can I learn more or enroll in the Plan?
For complete details about Private College 529 PlanSM, including a comparison with other college saving options, a complete list of participating colleges and universities, and easy online enrollment, click here or call 1-888-718-7878. You can begin investing in your student's future today by contributing as little as $25/month.

***There may be tax consequences associated with this option. Please see for additional details.