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Law Financial Settlement

Purchase BearBucks™
BearBucks™ may be purchased online by logging into the E-Bill system and choosing the Deposits link in the gray bar near the top of the page.

Release student account information
In BearWeb choose >Student Financial Services >Student Account >Consent to Release Information

Authorized Users
Give others (spouse, parents, guardians, etc.) access to view and pay your E-Bills by setting them up as an Authorized User

Financial settlement is the final step of registration.
There are two steps: confirm attendance and pay semester bill.
Verify financial settlement is complete in BearWeb by selecting: Student Financial Services >Student Account >Check Your Financial Settlement Status

Fall 2014 Quarter Important Dates

  • August 1st
    - Bills available online.
    - Confirm attendance online even if you have a zero balance.
       In BearWeb choose: Student Financial Services >Student Account
    >Confirm Your Attendance

  • August 15th
    - Payment Due Date - make payment online
       If payment in full is not possible, please contact the Cashier's Office at regarding an installment plan.

  • August 20th
    - Credit Refunds (if financially settled and financial aid applied)
       are available beginning today.
    - Request refund check and/or limited cash refund of credit on student
       account beginning today. NOTE: Refund checks may not be picked up.
       Make sure your home address is correct in BearWeb.
    - If set up for direct deposit, funds should arrive in your designated bank
       account beginning today. Check your Baylor email for notification.
    - For information on Direct Deposit click here.
    - To enroll in Direct Deposit or if your bank information has changed, go to
       BearWeb and choose: Student Financial Services >Student Account
    >Refund by Direct Deposit - Bank Information

  • August 25th
    - Classes Begin

  • August 27th
    - Cancellation for non-payment at 5 p.m.
       To re-register, prior to September 5th, payment in full or first installment is
        required plus $50 late fee and $100 re-registration fee.

Please notify the Cashier's Office of any optional fees that need to be added for the Fall Quarter.
• SLC/Health Access $284.00
• Athletic Access $134.00
• Meal Plan