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List of Faculty & Staff Resources

Cashier's Office

  • Cash checks (personal checks, limit $300 per day)
  • Baylor Faculty/Staff ID cards
  • Process departmental deposits
  • Cash department petty cash vouchers
  • Disbursement of Baylor Faculty/Staff paychecks
  • List of On-Campus ATM's

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Safeguarding payment cardholder data is a shared responsibility which honors the trust of our students, customers, and constituents. Faculty or Staff who process, transmit or store cardholder data on behalf of Baylor University, please visit the PCI Compliance website to access information and requirements.

Student Financial Aid Office

  • Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange - Baylor University provides a tuition remission benefit for eligible faculty/staff and for their eligible spouse/dependents. Information regarding the tuition remission/exchange policy and the online application can be found here.
  • Workstudy Program - Process student employment forms for those participating in the work study program. Click here to view the Work Study Forms & Instructions (requires login).

Shuttle Services

Contact Information

  • For Student Financial Services contact information click here.
SFS Org Chart




Jackie Diaz

Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

Donna Bowman

Assistant to Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services

JT Lloyd

Associate Director of Cashier Services

Cashier's Office

Jane Moreno

Associate Director & Systems Specialist

Cashier's Office

Jeanette Kucera

Associate Director of Counseling

Student Financial Aid Office