Student Financial Services
Student Payment Policies

A student's registration for a given semester is not complete until all expenses are paid or the first payment of the Installment Plan (the Minimum Amount Due) is received. If this payment is not received by the due date, a late fee of $100 ($50 for the summer semester) will be assessed. If payment is not made before the cancellation date, the student's class schedule will be canceled and a re-registration fee of $150 ($100 for the summer semester) plus the late fee of $100 ($50 for summer) will be charged.

Students with an account balance will have a transcript hold placed on their account and are not eligible to receive an official transcript until the balance is paid in full. Please see the Baylor Transcript Policy for further information on transcript holds.

Online Payments

  • E-Bill System - Pay by electronic check from a checking or savings account (no fee) or major credit card (2.75% convenience fee charged by third-party processor) through the E-Bill System. If you are having trouble accessing the E-Bill System, click here for internet browser settings help.
  • Credit Card - Direct link to pay by major credit card available via the web only (2.75% convenience fee, $3.00 minimum, charged by third-party processor). Baylor student ID# and either the PIN or date of birth required.

International Payments

  • Baylor's payment partner, Flywire by peerTransfer, makes international payments easier, saves you money, and provides 24/7 customer service in your native language.

Instructions for Wire Transfer Payments

  • If you would like to make a payment to a student account via wire transfer, please contact the Cashier's Office by phone or email for wiring instructions.
  • For prompt and accurate handling, you must include your student's name and student ID number.

If you do not owe a balance:

  • You must still notify our office you will be attending by logging onto BearWeb, choose Student Financial Services, then Student Account, and Confirm Your Attendance.

If you did not register before the semester paper bill cutoff date:

  • A semester bill will not be mailed but your E-Bill will be available online.
    Watch your Baylor email for notification.
  • Access your E-Bill and check your account on the E-Bill System, or contact the Cashier's Office regarding your balance.
  • Financial Settlement must be completed each semester by the Due Date listed on your E-Bill.

Late Fees Based on the Following Schedule:

Late Payment Fee
Late Registration Fee
Fall or Spring

Miscellaneous Expenses Incurred after Financial Settlement

  • Health Center charges, library fines, traffic fines & miscellaneous expenses incurred throughout the semester will be billed on a monthly basis to the student's Baylor email account and to all valid Authorized Users' email accounts.
  • Payment in full is expected upon receipt.
Student Financial Aid
  • Students needing financial assistance should contact the Student Financial Aid Office.
  • Students who are recipients of scholarships from religious institutions, foundations, corporations, individuals, or other organizations outside the University should arrange with their donors to have checks sent to the Cashier's Office.
  • Students must meet the following financial aid deadlines to ensure the availability of funds by the time payment is due:
    March 1 - Fall and spring semesters
    October 1 - Spring semester only
  • Students who file their financial aid applications after the deadlines should be prepared to pay their expenses. If eligible for aid, they will be reimbursed at a later time.

For more information about payment policies please contact the Cashier's Office