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Financial Success!

As a free financial education program, Student Financial Foundations offers resources to Baylor students, helping you understand personal money management for both your current and future financial success. As a part of the Student Financial Services, we join with the Baylor Cashier's Office and the Student Financial Aid Office to help present a full picture of loan management, scholarship availability, budgeting, credit card debt and many other areas of financial education.

Our emphasis for success includes a number of free online financial tools. These online tools allow you to learn at your own pace, on your own time, from anywhere!

CashCourse is a free online program that empowers students to build financial skills to budget their money and plan for the future. The site is customizable, so students are able to make decisions that are relevant to their personal situations.

iGrad is a new program for current students, faculty, staff and alumni that Financial Foundations recently launched through the website. This free financial tool helps users improve their personal finance knowledge and habits. iGrad also offers résumé tools and career management software for students as they transition out of college and into their first jobs.

Finish in 4 is a video series, hosted by Dr. Blaine McCormick, Associate Professor - Management & Entrepreneurship in the Hankamer School of Business.  Because financial aid does not always apply after four years of college, additional tuition can be expensive and burdensome for students.  This video series is designed to provide strategies for graduating in four years or less.  

Bear Basics emphasizes understanding the basics of finances is an important part of your financial success!  This includes a module to help you create a Baylor budget, a Baylor plan, tips for money management, and student financial FAQs.