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Work/Internship Opportunities

Working Adventures Worldwide catalogs job opportunities abroad.

The Call to Serve database lists humanitarian aid opportunities.

Cultural Vistas offers information on business professional programs in Chile, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.

The UNV, United Nation's Volunteers, connects development organizations and volunteers over the Internet and supports their effective online collaboration through its online volunteering (OV) resource.

The Council on International Educational Exchange offers ways to teach and study abroad.

Coolworks catalogs information on finding seasonal jobs, in what they call, "some of the greatest places on Earth."

Foundation for Sustainable Development offers training programs geared towards work in the developing world.

International Human Rights Training Programs hosts international summer programs in places like Bosnia and Rwanda.

Idealist maintains a database of jobs, volunteer positions, and organizations that uphold their mission statement "to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect."

Liberty Guide, a project of the Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason University, is an online jobs and opportunities bank for those interested in advancing the ideas of liberty.

Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment is an employment resource for working in Latin America.

The Library of Congress lists internships with the Library for applicants at varying levels of education and training.

Metropolitan Museum of Art offers internships geared towards art history and education.

Nonprofit Jobs offers a nonprofit job resource on their site.

This link to the Peace Corps will give you information about this governmental program to work and serve abroad.

This site, Research and Study at the Smithsonian, offers information on the wide variety of internship opportunities at the Smithsonian Institutions.

Transitions Abroad is a resource for those interested in living, working, and studying abroad.