Baylor University

The Situation

Forty years ago, Texas made a promise to families who aspired to the dream of a college education and to all Texans envisioning a future of a well educated citizenry contributing to a strong Texas economy. That promise is now threatened by lawmakers proposing drastic reductions in funding for needy families and promising young students.

At Baylor, more than 3,200 students could be hurt by this change in the TEG. It's time for those who support Baylor and what it means to Texas to rise up and tell Texas lawmakers to protect the promise made to Texas' sons and daughters.

The TEG makes good economic sense and it is a promise worth keeping. It costs the government half of what it otherwise spends to send students to Texas's fine public higher education institutions.

Did You Know?

  1. Did you know that TEG (state support for students at private universities and colleges) is at risk of being cut from the state budget. Eliminating TEG will impact the abilities of 27,000 students to continue their educations in Texas' private universities.
  2. Did you know that TEG for 2010-2011 represents less than one tenth of one percent of the overall Texas budget? In fact TEG represents less than 1% of the total budget for higher education.
  3. Did you know that Texas public colleges and universities cannot meet all of the demand for higher education in Texas? TEG means that students can choose private universities with the help of modest state grants, providing relief for state schools filled to capacity.
  4. Did you know that Texas is one of only a few states with a growing population of high school graduates more than 20% growth expected in the next ten years? A college education for Texas youth is the lynchpin to the state's future economic stability and growth.
  5. Did you know that Texas created the TEG forty years ago to reduce taxpayer costs for higher education? And it still works today. It costs the state $7,616 per year for a student enrolled at a public college or university, but through TEG it only costs Texas $3,441 per year for a student enrolled at a private university.
  6. Did you know that TEG supports the neediest students in Texas? Just over 38% of TEG recipients have virtually no capacity to pay even a portion of the cost of attending an institution of higher education.
  7. Did you know that 52% of Baylor students awarded the TEG identify themselves as minority students? In fact, 36% of Baylor's entering freshman class in 2010 identified themselves as minority students.
  8. Did you know that 1 in 10 students attend private universities or colleges in Texas? Even more impressive, 22% of the bachelor degrees awarded in Texas are from a private college or university.
  9. Did you know that over 3,000 Baylor students receive a TEG grant from Texas to help with their Baylor education? Of those 3,000 students, 685 were the very first in their families to pursue a college education.
  10. Did you know that over 1,300 Baylor students who receive TEG support have virtually no capacity to pay for even a portion of their higher education costs? The state provides a component of these students' tuition, but Baylor assembles support from as many sources as possible including Baylor's own funds.
  11. Did you know that many private colleges and universities in Texas have deep roots in a faith heritage? TEG provides financial support for some 27,000 sons and daughters of Texans to access a higher education that provides a distinct worldview.

What you can do.

Ask your legislators to once again offer the promise of a college education to the next generation of young Texans. Significant TEG reductions appear imminent. Ensure your voice is heard...