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Faculty Credentials
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"A key emphasis of the new SACS principles is demonstrating that our faculty are qualified to support Baylor's mission and goals. As a member of the Baylor faculty, I am excited about the opportunity we have to address this requirement and in so doing, to showcase one of Baylor's most cherished assets - its highly qualified and dedicated faculty. "To this end, the Faculty Qualifications Committee has been diligently working to ensure we have the necessary documentation to show that Baylor students are, and will continue to be, supported by our distinguished faculty."

-- Gina Green, Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Coordinator of Faculty Credentials, SACS Reaffirmation Task Force

Overview of Faculty Credentials

The faculty qualifications requirement focuses on ensuring all instructional faculty are qualified to teach in the disciplines to which they are assigned to teach. Institutions must present specific data on faculty credentials to SACS for three consecutive academic terms. The data required for each faculty member includes degree information, course information for courses being taught by the faculty member and information on the additional qualifications the faculty member possesses including work experience, licenses, research and publications, and any others.

Example Narratives

SACS requires the University to document the qualifications of all instructors of record for the Fall05, Spring06, and Summer06 terms. If the instructor of record is qualified according to the SACS degree guidelines , no further elaboration is needed. However, for any instructor of record not meeting the SACS degree guidelines, SACS requires narratives documenting the additional credentials held by that instructor that make him/her qualified to be teaching the course(s) they teach. The additional credentials referenced in the narratives should include relevant work experience, professional licenses or certifications, related research/publications, related undergraduate or graduate degrees, and/or other credentials that clearly show the instructor is qualified to teach the subject material of the class.

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