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Van Gray "Our SACS reaffirmation efforts afford us opportunities to reflect about the benefits and services that we provide our faculty, staff, parents and students. The new SACS standards and reaffirmation process emphasizes the importance of our focus on "those we serve." Through this process, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our stewardship to our many communities as we strive to fulfill our distinctive mission and vision."

-- Van D. Gray, Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning and Improvement
Coordinator for Administrative Assessments, SACS Reaffirmation Task Force

Overview of SACS Administrative Assessment

The purpose of administrative assessment is to produce meaningful feedback to the department, school/college or administrative unit on the performance of its services, thereby allowing each unit to improve its programs and processes. It is not an evaluation of individuals; rather, it is an evaluation of our effectiveness in delivering benefits to our respective publics. The concept of institutional effectiveness is central to the accreditation process and the goal of continuous improvement to meet the highest standards of excellence in all of our programs.

Although a particular method of demonstrating institutional effectiveness is not mandated in the current SACS criteria for accreditation, each institution is expected to determine institutional effectiveness by implementing an assessment plan that is:

  • broad-based
  • derived from the institution's purpose and goals
  • uses a variety of assessment methods, and
  • demonstrates the use of results for the improvement of both academic programs and administrative support units.

Strategic Review template

The document linked to below is the Baylor SACS basic strategic review template, to be used by administrative and service deparments for developing unit mission, vision, goals, and criteria for success as part of the SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation process.

Administrative Assessment Committee

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