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"I am excited to be involved in the SACS academic assessment process. As a faculty member, it is important to me to know that our students are learning what we, as a department, have decided are the key areas. I understand the significant value of academic assessment because ultimately our departments and programs will be improved.
"For the students, academic assessment improves the quality of their education. The investment for me is definitely a worthwhile endeavor as we work together as faculty to better our programs."

-- Robyn Driskell, Associate Professor of Sociology
Coordinator of Academic Assessment, SACS Reaffirmation Task Force

Robyn Driskell

Overview of Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment is the systematic and ongoing method of gathering, analyzing and using information from measured outcomes to improve student learning. Academic assessment involves three tasks:
  • identify the student learning outcomes
  • measure whether the department is achieving the student learning outcomes, and
  • provide steps for improvement based on the results of data.
The primary purpose of academic assessment is to improve the quality of educational programs by improving student learning.

10 Myths of Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment template

The document linked to below is the Baylor SACS outcomes and assessment planning template, for use by academic departments in developing program and student outcomes and assessment measures as part of the SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation process.

Academic Assessment Committee

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