2012-2013 Abstracts

2012/2013 Abstracts

Tamarah Adair
Genome-Wide Analysis of Blue Light Regulation of Staphylococcus aureus

Kara Alexander
Writing Matters: Technical and Professional Writing in Careers

Francesca Arnone and Terry Lynn Hudson
Instrumental Studies (Music)
French Connections: 20th Century Flute and Piano Repertoire

Janet Bagby
Educational Psychology
Examining Chinese Students' Understanding of Plagiarism: A Mixed Methods Study

Claudia Beal
Medical Help-Seeking for Ischemic Stroke Symptoms in African American Women

Katie Binetty
Anthropology, Forensic Science & Archaeology
Paleontological Investigation of Marsabit Road, Chalbi Basin, Northern Kenya

Chris Blocker
Consumer Desire Deprivation and Trajectories in Poverty: Implications for Human Flourishing and Social Enterprise

Gerald Cleaver
Investigations of the String Landscape and Causal Dynamical Trianulation

Marjorie Cooper
Effects of Narcissism, Religiosity, & Orthodox Beliefs on Ethical Judgment, Judgmental Confidence, & Willingness to Forgive

Kevin Dougherty
Congregational Diversity and Growth in a Mainline Protestant Denomination

Kent Eshelman
Instrumental Studies (Music)
Compact Disc Recording Project ("Flavors")

Perry Glanzer
Educational Administration
College Students' Search for Meaning and Purpose: What Role Does Student and Institutional Religious Identity Play?

Diane Hartman
Determining the MRSA Carriage Rate in Domestic Animal Species to include Dogs, Cats and Horses

Kyle Irwin
Explaining Antisocial Punishment in Groups

Kevin Klausmeyer
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Chemistry of Pyridyl Containing Phosphines and Diphosphines

Paul La Bounty and Rodney Bowden
Health, Human Performance & Recreation
The Effects of 12 Weeks of Fish Oil Supplementation in Diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients

Boris Lau
Probing the role of surface chemical features in nanoparticle-biofilm interactions

Suzanne Nesmith
Curriculum & Instruction
Paludology Pedagogy: Creating a Wetlands Environmental Academy for P-12 Educators

Sandor Ostlund
Instrumental Studies (Music)
Living Music: Contemporary Solo Double Bass Compositions from Baylor University

Reva Rogers and Lori Sigrist
U.S. Military Baylor University Graduate Program in Nutrition
Assessment of hydration status in new and experienced Army officers prior to physical fitness testing in a hot environment

Dwight Russell
Use of Contemporary Astronomical Infrared Databases, 2MASS and WISE, for the Determination of Extinction due to Dark Clouds and Characterization of Young Stellar Objects (YSOs)

Terrill Saxon
Educational Psychology
Developing a scale for teacher self-efficacy among early childhood special education teachers

Emily Setina
'Mountains Being a Language with Me': Marianne Moore, Marsden Hartley, and Modernist Revision

Daniel Shafer
Communication Studies
Psychological Dynamics of Mobile Game Play: Expanding the Video Game Enjoyment Model

Qin (Tim) Sheng
Domain decomposed compact computations for high oscillatory waves-a collaborative endeavor

Lori Spies
A Qualitative Exploratory Study of Nurses and Task-Shifting in Uganda

Joseph Stubenrauch
The Evangelical Age of Improvement in Britain, 1780-1851

JoAnn Tsang
Psychology & Neuroscience
Using Online Community Data to Study Religiousness, Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness, and Prejudice

Anzhong Wang
Horava's Quantum Theory of Gravity at Lifshitz Fixed Points and Its Applications to Cosmology and Astrophysics

Daniel Williams
Interpreting Scripture in Antiquity: Gospel of Matthew

Lesley Wright
Mechanical Engineering
Temperature Determination Using Infrared Absorption for Gas Turbine Cooling Applications

Christopher Wynveen
Health, Human Performance & Recreation
Impacts of demographic change on Great Barrier Reef recreational use and environmental protection: The effects the recent mining employment boom in Queensland, Australia

Joe Yelderman
Evaluating the microbial communities and performance of different on-site residential wastewater treatment systems