FY 2010 Abstracts

Arts & Humanities Faculty Research Program

2009/2010 Abstracts

Robert Best
Vocal Studies / School of Music
Three Songs based on the Poetry of Rabinranath Tagore for Baritone and Piano

Jann Cosart
Academic Studies / School of Music
Music Books in Early Modern Europe

Todd Meehan
Instrumental Studies / School of Music
Commissioning a Double Percussion Concerto by Composer Jonathan Leshnoff

Robert Miner
Great Texts / Honors College
Subvention for Italian translation of Robert Miner's book Vico, Genealogist of Modernity

Jeffrey Powers
Instrumental Studies / School of Music
Commissioning of New Sonata for Horn and Piano by Joanna Murphy

Jonathan Tran
Religion / College of Arts & Sciences
PLNU Wesley Summer Scholar Book Project: FOUCAULT AND THEOLOGY