FY 2012 YIDP Abstracts

Young Investigator Development Program

2011/2012 Abstracts

Patrick Danley
Biology / College of Arts & Sciences
The Genetics of Reproductive Isolation and Female Mate Preference in Lake Malawi Cichlids

Joseph Ferraro
Anthropology, Forensic Science & Archaeology / College of Arts & Sciences
Paleoanthropological Research in the Chalbi Basin, Northern Kenya

Boris Lau
Geology / College of Arts & Sciences
Determining the Role of Protein for Cellular Adsorption and Uptake of Sliver Nanoparticles

Daniel Peppe
Geology / College of Arts & Sciences
Influence Of Phylogeny And Ecology On Leaf Size And Shape: Implications For Paleoclimatic Interpretation

Rebecca Sheesley
Environmental Science / College of Arts & Sciences
Collection and analysis of primary and secondary organic aerosol components in Fort Worth, TX