University Research Committee

2008/2009 Abstracts

Michael Alexander
The Status of Orchestra Programs in the Public Schools
(Music Education / Music)

Benjamin S. Arbuckle
The rise of pastoralism in the ancient Near East: archaeological research at K"sk H"yŁk, Turkey
(Anthropology, Forensic Science and Archaeology / Arts and Sciences)

Lucy Barnard
Attitudes Toward Seeking Accommodations
(Educational Psychology / Education)

Helen E. Benedict
Assessment of Attachment and Trauma Issues with Young Adopted Children using the MacArthur Story Stem Battery
(Psychology and Neuroscience / Arts and Sciences)

Rodney Bowden
The Effects of Lowering Uric Acid Levels using Allopurinol on Markers of Metabolic Syndrome in End Stage Renal Disease Patients
(Health, Human Performance and Recreation / Education)

Gerald B. Cleaver
Research in the Free Fermionic and Randall-Sundrum Regions of the String/M-Theory Landscape
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Matthew Cooke
Effects of Four Weeks of Daily Silk' Soymilk Versus Dairy Milk Ingestion on the Exercise-Induced Inflammatory and Proteolytic Responses in Serum and Skeletal Muscle in a Post-Menopausal Female Population
(Health, Human Performance and Recreation / Education)

Sara Dolan
The Relationship between Specific Memory and Executive Functions and Treatment Outcome in Substance Abusers
(Psychology and Neuroscience / Arts and Sciences)

Steven Eisenbarth
Wireless Sensor Network Simulation and Characterization
(Electrical and Computer Engineering / Engineering and Computer Science)

Crista M. Force
Overcoming the Obstacles: Life Stories of Scientists with Learning Disabilities
(Curriculum and Instruction / Education)

Karen Fredenburg, Glenn Miller and Rafer Lutz
Premier High School Coaches: Philosophies, Views and Practices
(Health, Human Performance and Recreation / Education)

Stephen L. Gipson
Reductively Induced Reactivity of Rhodium Acyl Complexes
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Perry L. Glanzer
Comparing Secular and Christian Traditions of Moral Education in Higher Education
(Curriculum and Instruction / Education)

Christopher Hansen
ENDINGS, a feature film
(Communication Studies / Arts and Sciences)

Amy Jacober
The Role of Ethnicity and Faith Within the Development of Adolescent Identity
(Truett Seminary / Seminary)

Paul La Bounty
The Effects of a Either a Unique High Molecular Weight Glucose Polymer Combined With or Without Whey Protein Following Resistance Training on Serum Glucose, Insulin, Glycogen Resynthesis, and Exercise Performance
(Health, Human Performance, and Recreation / Education)

Paul Martens
Religion and Environmental Ethics in North America: A Report
(Religion / Arts and Sciences)

Mikeal C. Parsons
The Baptists' Bible: Acts
(Religion / Arts and Sciences)

Rady Roldan-Figueroa and Doug Weaver
The Collected Works of Hanserd Knollys, Early English Baptist Texts (Mercer University Press).
(Religion / Arts and Sciences)

Qin Sheng
Splitting-in-Action: An International Research Collaboration
(Mathematics / Arts and Sciences)

Jaeho Shim
Relationship between Force and Force Variability at Different Muscle Length
(Health, Human Performance and Recreation / Education)

Todd D. Still
After The First Urban Christians: The Social-Scientific Study of Pauline Christianty Twenty-Five Years Later
(Truett Seminary / Seminary)

Julie Anne Sweet
William Stephens: Georgia's Foremost Founder
(History / Arts and Sciences)

Mary Lynn Trawick
Evaluation of Compounds as Inhibitors of Cathepsins
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Karl Umlauf
My View of the Landscape, Over & Under
(Art / Arts and Sciences)

Kenneth W. Van Treuren
Development of a Cascade Research Facility to Study Gas Turbine Flow Separation and Heat Transfer
(Mechanical Engineering / Engineering and Computer Science)

Xin Wang
Examining the Emerging Art Districts in Urban China
(Baylor Interdisciplinary Core / Honors College)

Trena L. Wilkerson
Geometric Thinking in Australia 08-09
(Curriculum and Instruction / Education)