FY 2006 FRIP Abstracts

Faculty Research Investment Program

FY 2006 Abstracts

Kenneth Busch
Enantiomeric Discrimination by Rayleigh Light Scattering
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Jaime Diaz-Granados
Taurine: Osmoregulation and Ethanol Withdrawal Attenuation
(Psychology and Neuroscience / Arts and Sciences)

William Hillis
Effects of Putative Stimulators and Inhibitors on Steroid Production by Adrenal Gland Zona Glomerulosa Cells in Vitro
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Myeongwoo Lee
Role of Integrin in Gonad Functions
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

James Roberts and Lawrence Chonko
Servant Leadership: The Impossible Dream or Leadership Paradigm of the Ages
(Marketing / Business)