University Research Committee

2010/2011 Abstracts

Erich J. Baker, Greg Speegle, and Greg Hamerly
High-performance large-scale graph mining using MapReduce
(Computer Science / Engineering and Computer Science)

Lynne Baker
The Sacred Monkeys of Nigeria: Conservation and Understanding Using Oral History and Ecology
(Environmental Science / Arts and Sciences)

Lucy Barnard-Brak and Janet Bagby
Oral Histories of Post 9/11 Returning Student-Veterans
(Educational Psychology / Education)

Christopher P. Blocker
Emotional Symmetry in Social Interactions
(Marketing / Hankamer)

Joel S. Burnett
Religious Evidence for Iron Age Jordan
(Religion / Arts and Sciences)

Brian Elliott
Strangers & Aliens, a film project
(Communication Studies / Arts and Sciences)

Brian Garner and Carolyn Skurla
A Mechanical Apparatus to Simulate Horse Movement for Human Therapy
(Mechanical Engineering / Engineering and Computer Science)

Greg Garrett
War, Torture, and Popular Culture
(English / Arts and Sciences)

Cynthia Harr and Kim Kotrla
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Faith Based Pre-marital Education
(Social Work / Social Work)

Victor J. Hinojosa
Terrorism in Colombia
(Honors Program / Honors College)

Julie Ivey and Beth Lanning
The Effect of Extreme Camps on Self-Efficacy, Self-Perceptions, and Behaviors of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
(Educational Psychology and Health, Human Performance, and Recreation / Education)

Gouri Jas
Folding Dynamics and Membrane Transport in the Neuropeptide Y Family
(Chemistry and Biochemistry/Arts and Sciences)

Hope Johnston
Organizing Systems in Late Medieval and Early Modern Books
(English / Arts and Sciences)

Robert Kane
Evaluation of SELEX as a method to target Immunological Receptors
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Sung-Kun Kim
Protein-Protein Interactions between Arsenate Reductase and Glutaredoxin
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Owen Lind
Biodiversity studies: Does greater algal diversity result in greater organic matter diversity?
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Sang-Chul Nam
Cell Polarity in Drosophila hearing organ development
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Linda J. Olafsen
Transparent Contacts for Dual Optical and Electronic Excitation in Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Lasers
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Terrill Saxon
The Relationship between Parenting Styles and Creativity in a Sample of Jamaican Children
(Educational Psychology / Education)

Rebecca J. Sheesley
Tracking the Emission and Evolution of Carbonaceous Aerosols in Los Angeles during the 2010 CalNex study
(Environmental Science / Arts and Sciences)

Carolyn Skurla and Brian Garner
Modeling Compression-Spring Behavior under Three-Dimensional Loading
(Mechanical Engineering / Engineering and Computer Science)

Lizbeth Souza-Fuertes
The Myth of Racial Democracy in Afro-Brazilian Literature: The Quilombhoje Group
(Modern Foreign Languages / Arts and Sciences)

Kathryn Steely
Discovering the Voice of the Viola: English Viola Sonatas of William Flackton
(Instrumental Studies / Music)

Gabrielle Sutherland
Archival Research and Material History in Central & Northern Italy
(History / Arts and Sciences)

Michael W. Thompson
Robust Methods for Multi-sensor Geolocation
(Electrical and Computer Engineering / Engineering and Computer Science)

Thomas Ward
Binge, an original full-length play
(Theatre Arts / Arts and Sciences)

Trena L. Wilkerson
Algebra Teacher Efficacy Instrument Development
(Curriculum and Instruction / Education)

Cindy Wu
The Effects of Work Day Breaks on Employee Performance and Well-being
(Management and Entrepreneurship / Hankamer)