Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research supports 12-month postdoctoral research fellowships for Ph.D. granting departments. These postdoctoral research fellowships are funded by the university and may include minimal teaching responsibility, depending upon the research discipline. Salaries are competitive at a national level. The initial appointments are funded for a period of one year, with application for a second year extension allowed for successful fellows. Candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree and be committed to excellence in research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Applications must make a strong case for the research necessity of a postdoctoral research fellow, identify possible faculty within the department having research requiring such a position, include a brief description of the research to be conducted and address short and long term benefits of the research agenda to the department. Preference will be given to research clusters (within or across departmental boundaries) where a postdoctoral position can be reasonably shared between two or more faculty members.


All doctoral granting departments are eligible to submit an application, which must be submitted by the Chair of the department.


Applications must come from the Chair and be not longer than approximately two pages in length. Completed applications should be submitted via email to


Applications are due by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Program Guidelines
Program Application Form
Annual Report/Request for Renewal Form