Outstanding Research Posters - 2012 URSA Scholars Week

These 12 posters were named "Outstanding Undergraduate Research Posters" by their department's faculty judges. The posters were displayed in a special exhibition in the first-floor corridor between the Moody and Jones libraries. Click here to view pictures of the outstanding posters on display.

Department of Biology, Outstanding Individual Presentations

Bat Foraging Activity in Relation to Light Intensity on Baylor Campus
Author: Kristine Williams
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Wilkins

The Induction, Purification and Host Range of Four Lysogenic Staphylococcus aureus Phages
Author: Carlo Manzana
Mentor: Dr. Tamarah Adair

Investigating the effects of combined antibiotic exposure and blue light irradiation on the in vitro inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus
Author: Gregg Fox
Mentor: Dr. Tamarah Adair

Environmental Isolation of Gram-Negative Bacteria
Author: Lucy Xu
Mentor: Dr. Diane Hartman

Department of Biology, Outstanding Group Presentations

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Effects on Algal Growth in Various Locations
Authors: Mikaela Roman, Sandy Nguyen, Victor Manon
Mentor: Dr. Marty Harvill

Evaluation of the Protective Effects of Acai Berry
Authors: Brenna Albracht, Tamanie Eller, John Nathan, Stephanie Thompson
Mentor: Dr. Marcie Moehnke

Analysis of the Genome Organization of the F1 Subcluster Mycobacterium Phage Dorothy
Authors: Ali, S., Allen B., Boys, I., Cho, Goethe, E., Halder, R., Hegarty, E., Heyn, S., Leonard, D., Manglorkar, R., Matthew, R., Mcadam, K, McGuire, C., Neumann, E., Neuwald, N., Patel, A., Peasley, K., Rodriguez, K., Scott, T., Shah, S., Stejskal, I., Surges, J., Wilson, C.
Mentors: Dr. Tamarah Adair and Dr. Bryan Gibbon

Department of Environmental Science

Impact of Urban, Natural, and Wilderness Settings and of Three Types of Day Hiking on Perception of the Natural Environment
Authors: Ashleigh Myers, Reyna Anderson, Dannie Dinh
Mentor: Dr. Susan Bratton

Day Hiking in Urban, Natural, or Wilderness Settings: Type of Hike and Environment as Determinants of Hiker Experience
Authors: Brian Jonescu, Matt Fisher, Alaina Hoey, Stephanie Smith
Mentor: Dr. Susan Bratton

Department of Geology

The Impact of concentrated Animal Feeding Operations on the Organic Geochemistry of Reservoir Sediments
Author: Jake Gasaway
Mentors: Dr. Steve Dworkin and Dr. John Dunbar

Department of Physics

TiO2sub>(110) Sample Preparation & STM Tip Etching
Authors: Amir Ali and Stephen Pickett
Mentor: Dr. Zhenrong Zhang

Magnetic Fields in a Supernovae-driven, Stratified Disk
Author: Janie Hoorman
Mentor: Dr. Dinshaw Balsara