BDSC Schedule - March 27

4:00 PM - Fentress Room

    True Price and Jonathan Powers
    Faculty Mentors: Dr. Erich Baker and Dr. Bessie Kebaara

    Identification of S. Cerevisiae Genes with Alternative 3'-Processing Sites

    Taylor Kohn
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bryan Shaw
    Identification of Spontaneous and Artificial Deamiation of SOD1

    Thomas Moore
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Larry Lehr
    Biodiesel Alternative Substrate Study: Determining the Extrapolation of Percent Yields from Small- to Large-Scale Conversion of Various Substrates to Biodiesel
    (Environmental Science)

4:00 PM - Beckham Room

    Forrest Phillips
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kenichi Hatakeyama
    Z Boson to Neutrino Background Estimation for Supersymmetry Search at the LHC

    Evan Bauer
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kenichi Hatakeyama
    Supersymmetry Search: Limit Calculation and Exclusion for the Constrained Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model

    Haden Duke
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Jack
    Methods for Sectioning and Imaging of Composite Parts for Calculating the Fiber Orientation Within a Processed Composite
    (Mechanical Engineering)

4:00 PM - Baines Room

    Taylor Roth
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Dougherty
    Alone, Together: Social Anxiety Among College Students

    Caroline Clark
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rishi Sriram
    Findings from the National Study of Student Affairs Professionals
    (Educational Administration/Mathematics)

    Amy Heard
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Womack
    Public Perception and Poverty: The Importance of Understanding How We Think About the Poor, and How We Can Change our Misconceptions

    Alex Weaver
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clay Butler
    Discourse in a Healthcare Setting