Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) Small Grant Program

2009/2010 Abstracts

Tamarah Adair
Molecular and Microbiology Education and Research
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Janet Crow
The Relationship of Military Middle-School Youths' Perceptions of Family Functioning and Parent's Deployment History
(Family and Consumer Sciences / Arts and Sciences)

Keith A Francis
The British Pulpit Online-Spurgeon Sermons Online
(History / Arts and Sciences)

Joe B. Fulton
Mark Twain, Frederick Douglass, and Abolitionist Discourse
(English / Arts and Sciences)

Bryan Gibbon
Regulation of Protein Quality in Maize Endosperm by TOR Kinase
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)

Randall Jean
Development of an Ultra-wideband Pulse Transceiver for a Blood Glucose Sensor
(Electrical and Computer Engineering / Arts and Sciences)

Bob Kane
Development of Methods for Covalent Modification of Pancreatic Islets
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Jeanne Dodd Murphy
Functional Listening Evaluation (FLE) Profiles in Children with Reading Difficulties
(Communication Sciences and Disorders / Arts and Sciences)

Jeffrey S Olafsen
Undergraduate Research Experiences in Granular Physics
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Linda J Olafsen
Undergraduate Research Experience In Infrared Laser Beam Profiling
(Physics / Arts and Sciences)

Qin Sheng
On Higher Order Approximations of the Financial Derivative on Nonuniform Computational Grids
(Mathematics / Arts and Sciences)

Mary Lynn Trawick
Biochemical Evaluation of Cathepsin Enzymes
(Chemistry and Biochemistry / Arts and Sciences)

Kenneth T Wilkins
Niche Partitioning in a Community of Forest-dwelling Bats
(Biology / Arts and Sciences)