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Managing Documents in OSP Box
Using the OSP Box Site for Reviewing and Certifying Proposal Materials

To facilitate proposal review and approval from academic and administrative offices, OSP has implemented an OSP Box site to serve as a common document repository. The principal investigator(s) and signatories can manage, review, and sign proposal materials from the OSP Box site. A unique link to a directory within the OSP Box site is provided to the principal investigator upon notifying the OSP of an impending proposal.

Managing documents in the OSP Box Site

Because of the operational nature of Baylor's Box site, modified documents must be uploaded to the Box folder. Documents cannot be saved directly to the Box Folder.

Go to the OSP Box site using the unique link provided to the principal investigator by your OSP Grant Coordinator.

  1. Users may upload, modify, review, and sign proposal materials within the appropriate directory.
  2. When documents are modified (including applying electronic signatures) the new document(s) must be saved to the user's computer and uploaded to the appropriate folder in the OSP Box.
  3. Once all proposal materials are uploaded for review, the principal investigator should notify the dean and unit chair that the proposal is ready for review and approval. Simply forward the original email containing the proposal directory link to provide any user with the ability to read and modify documents.

Institutional Reviews and Certifications

All academic and administrative reviews and approvals will use the OSP Box site. Once the proposal routing form has been signed by the dean and chair of the academic unit, the principal investigator should notify his/her OSP Coordinator.