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Research and Sponsored Programs
Chair Responsibilities toward Research and Sponsored Programs

  • The chair is responsible for reviewing and approving all proposals for external and internal funding to ensure that the project's activities and purpose are consistent with the mission of the University and the academic unit.

  • The chair must ensure that facilities, departmental space, and other unit resources necessary to complete the proposed project are available to the project or provisions have been arranged within the unit to make such space or other institutional resources available in the event an award is made.
Offices Supporting Research and Scholarship Pursuits
    Office of the Vice Provost for Research
    The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (VPR) assists faculty members from all academic units in identifying, obtaining and managing the funding needed to support their research and scholarship pursuits.

    • Funding Opportunities
      The Office of the VPR offers multiple internal funding opportunities to assist faculty members with their research and scholarship pursuits. Internal ‘seed' funding, matching grant proposal funding, and travel awards to national funding agencies are only a few of the internal funding programs available to faculty. The Office of the VPR also maintains several external funding resources and other resources for locating federal, state, and private funding opportunities.

    • Research Compliance
      The Office of the VPR, in consultation with University compliance committees, offices and departments, monitors all research and scholarly activities to ensure that such activities are conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines. University activities involving animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, or radioactive materials may require approval prior to initiation of the activity.

    • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
      The Office of the VPR will freely assist faculty in assessing and evaluating intellectual property that results from research activities. Whenever you find yourself questioning whether an invention is patentable or not, it is best to treat the invention as potentially patentable and to contact the VPR for an authoritative determination.

      Contact the Office of the VPR for assistance with these and other services.

    Office of Sponsored Programs
    The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports Baylor University faculty in the acquisition, performance and administration of sponsored projects. The OSP is the central point of coordination for sponsored projects and the University's representative for grants, contracts and other agreements from government agencies and private industry.

    • Pre-award and Post-award Services
      The OSP can assist faculty with any host of pre-award processes in support of garnering external funds for research and scholarship pursuits, including budget preparation, project/proposal development, cost share allocations and submission of the completed proposal. The OSP can also assist with post-award activities following an award, including account set-up and monitoring, financial reporting, time extensions, budget modifications, project closeouts and other post-award activities.

    • Proposal Preparation and Institutional Approvals
      The OSP's Grant and Contract Coordinators will assist faculty in preparing project budgets and proposal materials for submission. All requests for external funding, regardless of source, must be processed through the proper channels of Baylor University before initiation of effort on the project. This includes all proposals for projects that that involve Baylor University acting as the lead institution and the prime recipient of funds; and projects that involve Baylor acting as a supporting institution, where Baylor is the subrecipient of funds from another institution. All proposals for internal or external support must be routed for institutional approvals prior to submission to potential sponsors.

    • Establishing an Award
      All applications, proposals, and contracts for research funding, training, and other research-related activities, are submitted and accepted in the name of Baylor University. Once the original notice of grant award, award letter or fully executed contract has been received, a sponsored programs account may be established by the OSP. Only the University's Authorized Officials, designated by the Board of Regents of Baylor University, may contractually bind the University and accept grants, contracts, and other related agreements on behalf of Baylor. The OSP will facilitate the submission and acceptance process for all sponsored projects.

      Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance with these and other services.